Take Advantage Of Six Billion Monthly Searches And Cheaper Conversions.

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) allows users to display PPC ads across Bing, Yahoo and AOL search networks. Though Google continues to dominate the search market, Bing still boasts 137 million unique searchers with a total of six billion monthly searches.

Take Advantage Of Six Billion Monthly Searches And Cheaper Conversions.

Unlike Google, Bing has less competition for your business to go up against. This means that your business can capture traffic you may not otherwise get on Google.

The average CPC on Microsoft Advertising can be up to 70% lower compared to Google Ads [source]

A lower CPC and a higher conversion rate mean that your business can really get bang for its buck, so don’t miss out.

What our Microsoft PPC Services Include

Our diverse in-house team work on your strategy, creative and budget management to make your Instagram advertising deliver the results you need.

Microsoft Display Advertising

Think Google’s Display Network is enough? Think again. Microsoft Advertising’s multi-channel offering enables businesses like yours to advertise across a range of its consumer properties, including Xbox, MSN, Windows OS, Microsoft Edge and Outlook.

Their platforms allow businesses to advertise through desktop and mobile, video, and native ads, offering premium, brand-safe experiences.

Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of creative designers, developers and PPC experts, we can create display ads tailored for the Microsoft network. Ads will incorporate your brand’s messaging and USPs. Our display ads demand attention – stopping users in their tracks.

Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads – Working Together in Harmony

When it comes to advertising your business via paid search, there’s no need to pick Google Ads OR Microsoft Advertising. Provided your budget allows for it, we would always recommend taking advantage of both areas of PPC simultaneously. It won’t cost as much as you might imagine.

Not only will using both platforms amplify reach, but by using Bing Ads to complement your Google Ads campaigns, you can fill in gaps in your online presence. You can expand into territories that may not have been possible with Google’s higher costs.